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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many Boy are in Scouts BSA Troop 441?
BSA Troop 441 has 68 registered Boy Scouts and 30 registered adult leaders and Troop Committee members listed on our 2018 roster.

How long has BSA Troop 441 been around?
BSA Troop 441 was founded over 25 years ago.

Who is the Chartered Organization for BSA Troop 441?
Christ United Methodist Chuch in Sugar Land is our Chartered Organization.

When do you meet?
Our Troop’s active schedule typically runs parallel to the FBISD school year. The weekly Troop meetings are held every Monday evening at 7:00 pm. There is one meeting a month that is reserved for the Patrol Leaders Council(PLC) and only youth leaders are required to attend. During the summer months, the primary activity is summer camp and high-adventure camp.

Where do you meet?
Weekly Troop meetings are held at Christ United Methodist Chuch in the Family Life Center’s gym.

How long does a troop meeting last?
A Troop meeting lasts approximately 1.5 hours depending on the agenda.

Is this a youth-led Troop?
Yes, BSA Troop 441 is a youth-led unit. The Senior Patrol Leader plans and presides over Troop meetings. The Troop plans outings and activities on an annual basis. Many aspects of our program are shaped and determined by the Boy Scouts. See our Program page for more information.

If we decide to join, when can we start coming to meetings? 
You and your child can join upon eligibility defined by BSA National Council: if you’re age 11, or at least 10 and have completed the fifth grade, or have earned the Cub Scouts Arrow of Light Award. The Arrow of Light advancement should be recorded in the Council’s advancement database by your Cub Scout Pack Committee Advancement Chair. After that, simply complete submitting your child’s BSA application to the Troop. Once the application has been signed by our Scoutmaster and is in-transit to the Council, you will be considered an active member of the Troop.

How much is membership?
Membership dues vary from Troop-to-Troop. We collect dues annually in the Fall with the start of the FBISD school year. For 2018-2019, our cost is $120 per Scout. We offer a discount to families with multiple Scouts within the Troop. Second Scout of the family is $60, $30 for each thereafter.

Do we pay this amount when we join?
Depending on when you join, our dues will be prorated based on the start time of membership with our Troop.

Do you require parents to register as leaders or committee members of the Troop?
No, it is not required, but encouraged.

What is the role of parents or adults in the Troop?
Assistant Scoutmasters, Troop Committee, Merit Badge Counselors. See our Adult roles within the Troop page for more information.

What do you have to do to become an adult leader or Troop Committee member?
Ask about the positions needed. Complete a BSA application. Complete YPT (Youth Protection Training). Complete and turn-in a BSA application and YPT certificate. Take additional required BSA training in a timely manner.

Do you have a First Class Emphasis Program?
Yes, we have implemented a First Class Emphasis (FCE) as part of our Scouting program. An Assistant Scoutmaster dedicated to this specific program works through the Senior Patrol LeaderTroop Guides, and Instructors to facilitate a program on a monthly basis to help our younger Scouts move forward the First Class rank. The goal is to let the older Scouts teach, guide, and mentor the younger Scouts to be efficient with basic Scouting skills for the first 18-months within the Troop. We believe that active members of the Troop, Scouts who regularly attend Troop meetings, participate in campouts regularly and go to summer camp at least once can easily complete requirements toward First Class rank within that timeframe.

How often does the Troop camp?

We camp almost every month. There are typically nine “regular” weekend campouts September through May. See our Outdoor Program page for more information.

What do you do on campouts?

Work on requirements, of course. But besides that, each campout has a primary activity associated with the outing. Most important of all, the Scouts decide on these activities by working together and voting to determine what they want to do as a group each year! See our Outdoor Program page for more information.

Does the Troop attend a summer camp?

Yes. Our program strives to accommodate two camp options: base camp (focusing on advancement and merit badges) and high-adventure (geared for the older Scouts). See our Outdoor Program page for more information.

Is summer camp or high-adventure camp expensive?

It can seem to be expensive, especially if you compare summer camp to the cost of a weekend campout. However, it is typically a good value. It also depends on the venue. The destination and camp are determined several months prior. And, all attendees are required to sign a commitment letter. Once the letter has been signed and turned-in, the Troop Treasurer will formulate a payment plan based on payment deadlines to the venue and months until the event. Your Scout account will be debited on a monthly basis leading up to the event. Again, Accounts are expected to be reconciled promptly if a balance becomes negative.

Can parents attend campouts?

Yes. BSA Medical forms, signed Hold Harmless and Code of Conduct agreements, and YPT certification are required.

Can siblings attend campouts?

No. Unless they’re Scouts BSA (not Cub Scouts) or the Troop has a Family Camping outing. See the Guide to Safe Scouting on Camping.

How does my child earn merit badges?

Summer Camp is a very good opportunity to earn several merit badges. We encourage all of our new Scouts to attend summer camp at least once during the first two years of membership. The Troop has offered various merit badges during the program year including: Personal Fitness (Eagle required), Communication (Eagle required), Camping (Eagle required), Hiking (Eagle required). Also, there are many museums that offer merit badges courses for a fee. Many of our Boy Scouts take advantage of those programs. We also have many registered Merit Badge Counselors affiliated with our Troop.

Court of Honor (award ceremonies)

The Troop conducts Courts of Honor semi-annually: Once in the Fall and once in the Spring.

Only twice a year? Does my child have to wait until Court of Honor to receive his rank badge?

No. The Troop practices immediate recognition for rank. A rank badge is not a symbol for what a Scout has done. It is a symbol for what he is capable of doing. As soon the next level of rank has been earned, the Scout is presented with the rank badge at the next possible opportunity. The exception is the rank of Eagle Scout.

Does the Troop also serve the Scouting community?

We try to be active within the Thunder Wolf District to promote and endorse the Scouting program on a larger scale. We participate in Council-wide and District-based programs such as:

How many Eagle Scouts have come from BSA Troop 441?

BSA Troop 441 is not an Eagle Factory by any means. We like to think of ourselves as a Scout Factory. We have awarded 40 Eagle Scouts to date.

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