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Boy Scouts of America Prepared for Life

Building Character & Leadership

The troop’s commitment to strong programs and personal development will be exemplified by the troop’s outstanding Merit Badge program, with many highly-qualified counselors and regular meetings dedicated to helping scouts work on starting or completing Merit Badges. We also place a high value on helping our communities and other local organizations through regular service and Eagle Scout projects.

Our Approach

Troop 441 offers a youth-led program. This means the Scouts select activities and run their program with the support of the Troop Committee and guidance from the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters. The activities do not always go perfectly; however, the Scouts review how each activity went after it is completed. This allows the adults to teach or coach the Scouts so they can improve the next activity. The Boy Scouts learn to be leaders by taking responsibility for the execution of the program. 


Family Scouting

Know someone who likes fun, adventure, breaking new ground, to be challenged, and involved in historic moments? Looking for leadership opportunities or the chance to learn new skills while experiencing the outdoors? Scout me in!

Is your child looking for …?

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